To translate our benefits into the actual environment Shiv Jyoti Kids School has designed spacious and child’s friendly interiors that encourage the children to receive enormous stimuli and enhance his / her sensory motor learning skills.


Joy Train Ride

This specially imported joy train traverses the rear green of the school. The train stops at various junctions, artificially created based on different concepts creating a sense of curiosity amongst the children to get off the train and learn more.

Splash Pool The sportive little ones enjoy the splash pool facility to beat the heat of the scorching sun. They put on their swim suits and enjoy the water game.


The sand-pit is not just the place for the kids to get messy and have lots of fun, but the activities conducted here are of crucial importance to the all round development. Picking up and transferring soft sand into a small plastic container is the best way to develop fine motor skills in the child.

Kiddies Garden

To develop respect for Mother Nature, we have specially created  Kiddies Garden for the children. Here the children learn to take care of plants and flowers.


“Young India – Fit India” is the health motto of Shiv Jyoti Kids School. The school clinic is well equipped to take care of minor exigencies.



Montessori Room

There are hundreds of articles in Montessori Room. The purpose of playing working on these teaching aids is to develop the hand-eye coordination in students sense, touch, smell etc and to help them learn a lot of new concepts.

Eventful School Days

Regular games, sports, and exercises both indoor and outdoor play an important role at Shiv Jyoti Kids School. The children take part in various competitions and celebrate National and international events and traditions.

Smart Board Classroom

Interactive digital boards are used for classroom teaching to involve students in learning with technology.

Activity Hive

The Basement of the school is perpetually abuzz with a plethora of activities like drama workshops, dance classes and many more.

Best Teaching Methods

  • Six strategies for 21st century
  • Integrated Technology
  • Cooperative Learning Structure
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Goal Setting
  • Cross Curriculum Teaching
  • Assessment for Learning
  • News & Events
  • My Videos