Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities

Successful learner of the future should creative, confident and disciplined. Academic results are a component of this profile. We want our toddlers to have an education that provides them with the Social Skills, Physical Health and well being that gives them the emotional strength to deal with life’s challenges.

At Shiv Jyoti Kids School we offer a broad challenging academic curriculum that is integrated with past oral care initiatives, supporting and cultural pursuits.

In order to make learning both enjoyable and meaningful, the Kindergarten offers many activities.

Academic Development Activities :
The Kindergarten section contains numerous learning activities, as well as worksheets and teaching materials that are primarily based on phonics, verbal comprehension, reading fluency, vocabulary building.

They learn through guided lessons, specific focus on the alphabet and letter sounds, many more…..

Nursery & Kindergarten children learn mainly through play and interactive activities. Their teachers capitalize on children’s play to further language and vocabulary development, using story-telling, rhyming games and acting games and introduce scientific and mathematical concepts showing the children how to balance and count blocks when building a bridge or how to mix colours when painting.

The Co-Curricular activities offers a variety for Nursery and Kindergarten toddlers. These activities for the students takes place during their regular school time.
All our children are involved in activities like :

  • Swimming
  • Music and Dance
  • Games & Aerobics
  • Art
  • Special Assemblies
  • Celebrations of Birthdays of Great Men.