Pre School (Play Group) Curriculum

Shiv Jyoti Pre School learning curriculum includes multiple activities and development of life skills such as Physical, language, social-emotional, cognitive, reasoning, self-help gross and fine motor, dance, art, movements, games, play activities, toys interaction, puzzles, books, social events festival celebrations, vocabulary, awareness and funsheets etc.

We offer an effective experimental hands on learning where kids are encouraged to discover, experiment, solve the problem, express themselves and learn through natural curiosity and lively interaction at their own individual pace.

Our classrooms are spacious, well designed & well equipped where toddlers are free to explore their indoor and out door environment with all their senses. A classroom where every thing is toddler-sized, attractive learning materials are displayed on low shelves within easy reach for toddlers. With a dedicated team of warm and nurturing teachers trained in early childhood development and Montessori Education.

Exposure to New Activities :-
Toddlers are introduced to a whole new horizon of activities that gives them a better in sight and let them choose what they enjoy and what they wish to learn. It broadens new horizons for them. These activities stimulate playing, acting, dancing, singing and speaking skills in students.

There is a huge plethora of options that a student can choose from. Take a little glance of some options that one can choose from.

Art :- Improves motor skills, encourages self expression and creativity.

Music :- Improves co-ordination and concentration and self confidence.

Drama :- Improves language skills, long term memory, develops public speaking abilities.

Kids Yoga :- Develops awareness of body, mind and breath. It helps in arresting the child’s wandering, builds attention span and concentration power.

Smart Sports Class :- (Magic on the Play Ground) Sports experts from sportathon makes our sport classes extraordinary through unique equipment. It develops a sense of achievement, independence and confidence and leadership skills. It creates health-related fitness and helps in preventing obesity.